The spatial conditions of the school are as follows:

Number of cabinets: 61

Number of specialized classrooms: 10

Number of general purpose classrooms: 46

Specialized cabinets
The school has 5 classrooms equipped with ten computers each. Each cabinet has its own server that is networked with a wired network with other computers so that each computer can access the Internet via ADSL. These classrooms are used to teach computer science and programming, computer science and informatics as well as programming.

The Polytechnic School has one gym. In the school yard, students have physical education classes as needed.

By adapting the school space, our library occupies the first floor of the old school, which enables good communication with all its users – students, teachers and others. The space covers 70 m2 and consists of a depot, which houses books and reading rooms with a capacity of 25 seats. If necessary, the space can be organized for literary evenings, promotions and other events The school library distributes a fund of 31,440 titles, the book fund is adjusted to the latest curricula. In the past school year, the library had about 1540 student members and almost all employed teachers are members of the library. The school library has one computer that the librarian uses to archive the book collection.

Premises for the implementation of extracurricular activities
For the needs of the Student Parliament and other sections, a room has been arranged in the basement of the old school, which houses music equipment, a computer, and work materials. The space is used by representatives of the teams of the Student Parliament, namely the team for sports, information, first aid, humanitarian actions and others

The school has machine workshops for manual and machine processing and electrical workshops.

Other premises
The school has another space such as: office space, hygiene and sanitary facilities, corridors and stairwells 560 m2, archive 20 m2, space for storage of teaching aids that are not in use, repair of damaged furniture.