In addition to formal, long-term programs, for adults seeking education and training, there is a Center for Continuing Adult Education, a special organizational unit within the School that organizes short, certified, vocational training based on the needs of the economy and the labor market. These training programs are provided to individuals of different ages and with varying levels of education to improve and refresh their skills and knowledge or acquire new professional competencies, thus increasing employment opportunities.

Likewise, businesses that require a well-trained workforce have a reliable partner in us that can guarantee quality. The training programs implemented by the Centre are outcome-based and provide future competent employees who can adequately meet the actual requirements of the workplace.

Quality is achieved by:

  • standardized programs
  • professional staff with many years of expertise in working with adult students
  • education in a real work environment or under conditions resembling a real work environment
  • liaison with relevant partners from the local community
  • This results in individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skills, ready to do the job competently immediately upon completion of the training.

The Center for Continuing Adult Education in Kragujevac was founded in 2006 and since then approximately 200 training courses have been held and over 1,700 participants have been trained.

The Center has been operating within the Secondary Vocational School since 2018. Since then it has conducted over 25 pieces of training in which more than 260 participants have been trained and certified to perform various jobs, and many of them received permanent employment after the training. During this time, lecturers and instructors realized over 16,000 hours of training.